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Ever wondered where your files go after being transferred using WALTR PRO? Look no further! This article serves as your compass, guiding you through the various destinations your files find on your iOS device.

WALTR PRO allows you to transfer any type of file. The data destination to your iOS device depends on the file extension and could be described as follows:

  1. If you send a video file (e.g. MKV), it will be available in your default Videos / TV app.

2. If you drop a song, (e.g. FLAC or MP3), it will land in the default Music app.

3. If it is an EPUB or a PDF file, it will go to your Books app.

4. If you drop an audiobook, it will appear in the Books app as well (to be recognized as an audiobook, the file should be in .m4b format).

5. Ringtones will appear in Settings->Sounds->Ringtone (please note that it has to be a .m4r file).


You can see where your files end up right in the app by clicking on "Where are my files?" after the transfer is complete.

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