Beamer 3.0 features Chromecast support, a redesigned interface, a new icon, and much more.

You can find a quick overview on the What’s New page of the Beamer 3.0 website.

New Features in Beamer 3.0:

  • Now supports playback to Google Cast devices, such as Chromecast
  • Supports the fourth-generation Apple TV
  • Use the Apple TV Remote to skip to the next movie by double-clicking the play button
  • Modern, redesigned interface
  • More controls are available from the playback window
  • Options to automatically select subtitles and audio tracks of a certain language
  • Option to set Beamer to automatically use a surround soundtrack when available
  • Set a playlist or a movie to repeat automatically
  • Improved automatic subtitle selection
  • Improved color accuracy for movies using the bt709 color matrix
  • Detects more subtitle tracks in VOB files
  • Updated transcoding backend
  • Numerous performance and stability improvements