Note: If you purchased Beamer during 2022 or later, please follow the link for relevant information on upgrade options.

As you may know, Softorino acquired Beamer in 2022, and we have been working hard to update and improve the app ever since. When we acquired it, the app had a critical problem that did not work with Airplay 2 and tvOS 16. 

In order to have this fix, Beamer's core code had to be rewritten from scratch. And as a result, it was only reasonable for us to simply rebuild, redesign and rethink the app considering our experience in the software industry. That's how Beamer 4 is being delivered.

Beamer 3 though, will continue to work as is and will receive minor updates. But Airplay 2 and tvOS 16 Support will only be available in the next major upgrade version, Beamer 4. 

And just like other Softorino apps, Beamer 4 will be available exclusively as part of the Universal License app bundle. All existing Universal License users will get Beamer 4 for free. And all of the future upgrades and updates that come with it.

We are pleased to announce that the updated version of Beamer, including AirPlay 2 and tvOS 16 Support, will be available this summer. We understand that you may have questions about upgrading to Beamer 4, and we are here to answer them. This article is for users who purchased the app before 2022  — when Softorino hasn’t acquired Beamer yet.


I bought Beamer 3 before 2022. How can I upgrade to Beamer 4?

If you bought Beamer 3 before January 1st, 2022, you are eligible for an upgrade to Universal License that unlocks Beamer 4 together with other Softorino apps at 60% off the original Universal License price. This will allow you to access Beamer 4 once it is released. To upgrade, please contact our support team at


What if I don't want to upgrade to Universal License?

If you don't want to upgrade to Universal License, you can continue to use Beamer 3. However, please note that we will no longer provide major updates for Beamer 3 including Airplay 2 and tvOS 16 Support.


We hope this article has provided you with the information you need about upgrading to Beamer 4. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at