To open the camera from your lock screen, you can simply swipe left. This quick access feature is usually handy. However, you might want to remove it. Why? Because in this case, anyone can access your iPhone camera and take photos with it. Sounds a bit creepy, right?


Let's make sure this won't ever happen!


A shortcut: Open Settings ➜ Tap on Screen Time ➜ Select Content & Privacy Restrictions and toggle it ON ➜ Tap on Allowed Apps ➜ Turn Off Camera.


How it works in detail:


Step #1. Open Settings ➜ Tap on Screen Time.

Step #2. Select Content & Privacy Restrictions, and toggle it ON.

Step #3. Now, tap on Allowed Apps.

Step #4. Turn Off Camera.


That's it! Now, when swipe left on your lock screen, the Camera app will no longer be there.


Bottom Line


Disabling the camera option using 'Screen Time' will remove the camera app from your home screen. This means that you no longer can access the app from there, no matter if your device is locked or not. But please don't worry — other camera apps are available in the App Store, so feel free to try them out!