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Are you curious about the improvements WALTR PRO brings over its predecessor, WALTR 2? Look no further! In this article, we'll delve into the enhanced features and functionalities of WALTR PRO that make it stand out in comparison to WALTR 2.

Advanced Features and Beyond:

1. WALTR PRO retains the convenient drag & drop feature of WALTR 2, making file transfers to your iPhone or iPad a breeze.

2. What sets WALTR PRO apart is its inclusion of advanced features and a standalone converter for even more versatile file management.

3. Enjoy the newfound capability to manually edit cover art and metadata, giving you full control over your media files' details.

4. Convert files directly to Apple-friendly formats on your Mac or PC, streamlining compatibility with your iOS devices.

5. Seamlessly convert unsupported music formats and transfer them directly into the Apple Music cloud, ensuring compatibility with HomePod or any iCloud-connected Apple device.

6. Take file transfers to the next level by sending any file into iOS, provided you have a 3rd-party iOS app that can read it. WALTR PRO still has WALTR 2's simple drag & drop feature that lets you get around file format issues and transfer any music, video, ringtone, or book file straight to iPhone or iPad.

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