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Are you eager to understand the nuances between the various transferring options in WALTR PRO? Delve into this informative guide to explore the differences between "Drop to Convert & Add to iPhone" and "Drop to Convert to Apple Music/iTunes Library" choices. Empower yourself with the knowledge to optimize your media transfers.


"Drop to Convert" options

The Drop to convert option allows you to convert and transfer media files such as video and audio. The difference is the destination where the files go.

  1. The Drop to convert to Apple Music/ iTunes Library option transfers files to Apple Music/ iTunes Library on your computer.

2. The Drop to convert & add to iPhone option transfers files to your iPhone’s native or 3rd-party apps supported by WALTR PRO.

3. The Drop to convert & add to Local Folder option converts files into Apple-friendly formats, saves them to your internal or external drive as readable formats supported by Apple.


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