In case SYC 2 won’t get any further than the ‘Analyzing’ stage, you should definitely get in touch with Softorino Support Team. Please drop a message here.

Even though this is an issue that our support agents should handle, there are still a few common reasons why this might be happening. Make sure that the listed below is not one of your cases:

  • You are trying to download a private video. Note that SYC 2 can only download videos from public links;
  • You are pasting a link from an unsupported website. There is a vast range of websites that SYC 2 supports. To see the complete list, please click and hold the ’More’ button above the search bar in the app;
  • The video takes longer to process. Please note that longer videos take a bit more time to be analyzed.

If you contact our support team regarding this issue, please make sure to provide the corresponding URL links to the videos that won’t download.