First of all, let's dive into the possible causes of the problem:

  1. The file transferred did not have an .m4r extension. It is obligatory that the file is .m4r, otherwise, the format will simply not be recognized as a ringtone file. .mp3 or .m4a files are AUDIO files, so there is no way they can be identified as RINGTONES on an iOS device. Audio files go to Music. Ringtones go Settings → Sounds → Ringtones.
  2. Certain issues occurred during conversion. If your file has an .m4r extension but it still goes to Music, most probably, it was converted incorrectly. That is why WALTR 2 still recognizes the file as the audio one and sends it to the Music app on your iPhone. The "conversion issues" can usually happen due to these reasons:
  • your converter tool or ringtones' creator did not convert the file properly. Try this online converter instead >
  • you renamed the .mp3 file to .m4r. The below paragraphs explain why this can cause a problem.

Why can't you rename .mp3 to .m4r?

There are audio files formats. And they are different. .mp3 and .m4a are two different formats.

There are codecs, which can be different codes within one and the same format. .m4r is a codec, and it is a part of .m4a format. So, .m4a and .m4r is one and the same format - different codec. This is why, you can simply rename your .m4a file to .m4r ('a' -> 'r') and change it, this way, from the regular audio file to the ringtone.

But why can't you rename .mp3 to .m4r? Because these are different audio formats. It simply won't work this way, you need to convert the file. So, to make a ringtone from an .mp3 file you need to convert it to .m4a first.

If you still experience difficulties -> contact us here and we will do our best to help you with the issue.