Before you start: Your iPhone needs to run iOS 12.1.1 or later to support eSIM technology.

First of all, check your plans

  • Your iPhone must be either unlocked, or both cellular plans must be from one carrier. Here is more about unlocking an iPhone.
  • Both plans must be set up and ready to use.
  • Your carrier/carriers must support Dual SIM with an eSIM.
  • If a CDMA carrier provides your first SIM, your second SIM won't support CDMA.


If you can't set up your eSIM

  • Make sure that your iPhone plan is suitable for Dual SIM service. Check with your carrier for that.
  • If you use an enterprise or corporate cellular service plan, check with your company or carrier to see if they support this feature. 
  • Make sure that your carriers provide coverage in your area. Also, there should be no service outages.
  • Make sure that your cellular plans are configured, ready to use, and are not blocked because of some billing issues.
  • If you still can't set up your eSIM, contact your carriers for support.