Before you start, with a Face ID disabled, you will need a passcode to access your phone. We recommend you make sure your passcode is as strong as possible. Consider using a longer numeric or even alphanumeric code.

Temporarily disable Face ID

This can help you to prevent Face ID from unlocking your iPhone.

  1. Press and hold the side button and either volume button for 2 seconds.

  2. Once the sliders appear on the screen, press the side button to lock your iPhone immediately. If you don’t touch the screen for a minute or so, the device locks automatically.

Next time you unlock iPhone with entering your passcode, Face ID will be enabled again.


Turn off Face ID for good

  1. Go to Settings  > Face ID & Passcode.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Turn off Face ID for specific items: You can turn off different options: iPhone Unlock, Apple Pay, iTunes & App Store, or Safari AutoFill.

    • Turn off Face ID: Tap Reset Face ID.

Hopefully, now you can configure your Face ID accordingly.