This tutorial will show you two ways of hooking up your Apple device with a vintage Hi-Fi speaker. Though the speaker was discounted back in 2007, you still may want to consider purchasing it because of the excellent sound quality.


Without further redo, let's dive in.


Method 1. Use the 3.5mm aux port. This method is practical—it should not take more than 10 seconds to set up. It's a foolproof way to use a Hi-Fi today.


Method 2. Use dock adapters. Perhaps a little more complicated method, but lets you kill two birds with one stone— play music and charge the device. To get things up and running, you will need two adapters:


  • one that allows you to use USB charging-based iPod and iPhone devices with older Firewire docks,
  • a 30-pin-to-Lightning adapter from Apple, which we'll connect to the adapter mentioned above.

That gets us a working Hi-Fi that can charge an iPod and playback music. Sounds like a HomePod alternative, doesn't it?