Here at Softorino, we believe that Apple devices can significantly simplify your life. Siri Shortcuts help a great deal in this regard. With them, you can get various things done quickly and efficiently. For quick access, you can add the shortcut icon to the iPhone home screen.


Let's see how you can do this.


At a glance: Open Shortcuts app ➜ Tap on More in My Shortcuts tab ➜ Tap on More (next to shortcut name) ➜ Tap on Add to Home Screen ➜ Tap on Add ➜ Finally, tap on Done.


How it works in detail:


Step #1. Open Shortcuts app ➜ Tap on More in My Shortcuts tab.



Step #2. Tap on More (next to shortcut name).



Step #3. Tap on Add to Home Screen.



Step #4. Tap on Add.



Step #5. Finally, tap on Done.



That's it!


This is how you can keep shortcut icons on the Home Screen or the dock. Next, you hit the icon to carry out the task. Quick & Simple