A smartphone without the Internet is pretty much a regular cell phone :( It revokes the memory of our first mobile cell phones t — bulky, heavy, and with lots of buttons. The main function was simple: receive and make calls. And maybe text messages.

However, it is not what we expect from a smartphone nowadays. We need Internet connection for almost everything—from finding our way to the right spot to listening to our favorite music.

So, if you have lost the connection on your iPhone 12, first of all, we suggest you try resetting the phone. Indeed, this might seem obvious and too easy. But trust me — resetting is a powerful procedure that really can fix the issue.

In case it does not do the trick and the connection issue persists, try resetting the iPhone's network settings:

Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Hopefully, the issue is solved!

Enjoy surfing the web as you used with your Mac or PC :)