ISSUE 1: the video/audio has incorrect cover art after downloading with SYC 2

What could be causing the problem:

  • The video/audio under the link has an incorrect name. As SYC 2 gets the artworks directly from public sources (iTunes, Spotify, etc.), it is crucial to name your files correctly. If you want to download a music video, for example, make sure to choose the one that is named the same as in the official album of that artist.
  • The cover art for one file gets substituted by the cover art of a different one. It happens, as the files downloaded with SYC 2 get messed up in the device's library.

ISSUE 2: all the downloaded files have grayed out cover arts

In this case, we recommend you get in touch with our customer support team here and describe your issue. Please make sure to specify the following details:

1. Your macOS/Windows version.

2. The exact device you download files to and the iOS running on it.

3. Provide the URL link to the video that has caused you the trouble.

Let us know if you encounter any above-mentioned issues.

Enjoy :)