This alert – means that you are using the wrong application build for activation. This error is displayed in case: if you are trying to activate with your old lifetime key, a new UL build of the app.

We notify users that it is using the wrong build for activation. When you try to activate the 4.x.x build with your old lifetime key, the corresponding popup will be displayed with detailed instructions on what to do next:


  1. Close iRingg completely.
  2. Uninstall the current version of iRingg that you have (Here's a guide on how to uninstall apps on Windows)
  3. Download the proper version of iRingg for your license using the link:
  4. Open the .EXE file and install it.
  5. Open the newly installed iRingg.
  6. If it asks you to activate, please enter your iRingg license key in the activation window. If it doesn't ask you for a key, then you should be good to go ?.