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With Universal License, you can enjoy unlimited access to a wide range of our apps for macOS and Windows, free upgrades & 24/7 support. Here's an overview of the apps included in the Universal License:


All the apps you can activate with Universal License 

  1. WALTR PRO: Transfer and manage files effortlessly between your computer and iOS devices.

  2. altTunes: Browse iOS backups, extract text messages, and export music, videos, & photos to a folder on your computer. 

  3. Softorino YouTube Converter: Seamlessly download and convert YouTube videos, music, and playlists to various formats.

  4. Folder Colorizer 2: Personalize your folders by assigning custom colors to them for easy organization.

  5. Folder Colorizer for Mac: Bring color to your Mac folders and enhance visual navigation.

  6. iRingg: Create custom ringtones for your iPhone and export is one click.

  7. PicFindr: Search & download copyright-free images and beautiful photos from Pexels & Pixabay.

  8. Beamer: Stream videos directly from your Mac to Apple TV and Chromecast.

  9. Memory Optimizer 2: Optimize your computer's memory usage for improved performance and responsiveness.

  10. Task ForceQuit 2: Force quit stubborn applications and manage your running processes efficiently.

  11. Volume Concierge 2: Automate and control your computer's volume settings based on preset schedules.

In addition to these apps, your Universal License also covers our future applications. This means you'll have access to new and exciting software releases as they become available.

To learn more about the specific features and capabilities of each app included in the Universal License, click here.

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