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Looking to change your subscription to a one-time purchase? Follow these steps to transition to a lifetime license.

How to Change Your Subscription to a One-Time Purchase

  • Access the Subscription Manager: Visit the Subscription Manager and enter the email associated with your Universal License purchase.
  • Check your email: Look for a "Softorino Access Link" in your inbox and click on it to access your Dashboard.
  • Manage your subscription: Once on your Dashboard, click the "Manage Subscription" button.
  • Access the FastSpring Account Management page: Provide your Universal License email address on the FastSpring Account Management page.
  • Manage your orders: Open the "Softorino Checkout" email, and click on the link to manage your orders in the FastSpring Orders Management dashboard.
  • Cancel your subscription: In the Orders Management dashboard, locate the "Subscriptions" tab and click on "Manage" next to your Universal License subscription. Then, select "Cancel Subscription" to proceed.



  • Purchase Lifetime Universal License: And after that, simply purchase a new Universal License lifetime edition here.

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