1. Possible Cause of issue №1

The license file is currently occupied by the Folder Colorizer process, or is occupied by some other application. In this case, Folder Colorizer can't overwrite the license file.

Possible Solution:

Close the running Folder Colorizer application. Open Task Manager and make sure the "Folder Colorizer" app is not running in the background. Delete the license file license.dat located at the specified path: "C:\ProgramData\Softorino\Folder Colorizer 2" (please note that the ProgramData folder is hidden. To make it visible, in the menu bar above click on View -> Hidden elements) Reactivate the “Folder Colorizer” app.

2. Possible cause of issue №2

The Windows user account may have access restrictions (read/write) to some files and directories.

Very often, these restrictions include access to system folders and files, as well as access to folders and files of other Windows user accounts. Access restrictions and other Windows account settings are set by the Windows OS administrator.

This error can occur if the user who is trying to activate the product has written restrictions on the 'ProgramData' directory. Then the application can't save the generated license file.

Possible solutions:

  1. Inquire Windows administrator to provide reading and recording permissions in the ProgramData directory.
  2. Install Folder Colorizer for a specific Windows user.