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We understand that encountering an activation issue with your WALTR PRO for Mac can be frustrating, but don't worry, we're here to help you resolve it!

Answer: This alert indicates that you might be trying to activate your old lifetime key or Subscription link with a new UL (Universal License) build of the app.

We notify users that it is using the wrong build for activation. When you try to activate the 4.x.x build with your old lifetime key, the corresponding popup will be displayed with detailed instructions on what to do next:

How to Resolve the Activation Issue

Step 1: Close WALTR PRO Completely
Ensure that the WALTR PRO app is completely closed on your computer.

Step 2: Download the Correct Version
Visit the link below to download the appropriate version of WALTR PRO for your subscription license: https://softorino.com/earlier-versions/.

Step 3: Install WALTR PRO
After downloading the .DMG file, open it, and then drag the WALTR PRO app into your Applications folder just like you would with any other application.

Step 4: Replace the Current Version
During the installation process, you may receive a prompt asking, "Do you want to replace it with the one you're moving?" Click on "Replace" to ensure that the previous version is replaced with the one you just installed.

Step 5: Open the Newly Installed WALTR PRO
Launch the newly installed WALTR PRO app on your computer.

Step 6: Access your Subscription Dashboard
To activate WALTR PRO, login to your Subscription Dashboard. Enter the email address you used for your purchase.

Step 7: Click the Authorization Link
Check your inbox for the authorization link sent by Softorino. Click on the link to proceed with the activation.

Step 8: Reset License
In your Subscription Dashboard, find and click on the "Reset License" button for WALTR PRO.

Step 9: Activate WALTR PRO
Once you see the "ACTIVATE" button, click on it to finalize the activation process.

With these steps, your WALTR PRO should be successfully activated with your subscription license, and you can now enjoy all its features seamlessly.

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